BlackPlanet Community Guidelines

Effective Date: August 31, 2021

Welcome to BlackPlanet, The World Is Yours!

While you experience the infinite possibilities that BlackPlanet can offer, we have created some community guidelines to ensure that you can navigate your journey safely and bravely.

We recognize that safety and bravery are concepts that are different for every individual. That being said, our community guidelines center the black experience, all intersections within that experience, and other historically marginalized people.

  • BlackPlanet strives to be an experience where people can be their most authentic selves.
  • BlackPlanet values free and honest speech. 
  • We cherish, respect, and understand that others experience and communicate respect differently. 

Our guidelines serve to find the balance between being in your truth while not harming others.

BlackPlanet can exist in its best potential if we all operate by this shared set of agreements. Our hope is that these agreements are not only tolerated but celebrated! 

BlackPlanet uses the language of community agreements rather than rules because we want to create mutual accountability between you and us here on the BlackPlanet team. These agreements are not set in stone; we desire to adapt and grow as our planet continues to spin.


  • I agree to address other users with care and consideration. Everyone has the right to experience BlackPlanet without harassment, bullying, violence, or threats of violence. 
  • I agree to not make posts or comments that are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, and other forms of discrimination while interacting on BlackPlanet. 
  • I agree to not spam, troll,  or spread misinformation to the best of my abilities while experiencing BlackPlanet. 
  • I agree to be mindful while posting and not post any illegal content. I agree to not solicit or facilitate unlawful or prohibited transactions.
  • I agree to not post intimate, personal, sexual, or suggestive content about someone else without their explicit consent. This includes doxxing. 
  • I agree to not post sexual or suggestive content involving minors. Including myself, if I am a minor.
  • I agree to engage with an openness of my own comfort levels, while being mindful to not impersonate an individual or an entity falsely or deceptively.
  • I agree to use content warnings, trigger warnings, and NSFW warnings to the best of my abilities.

When agreements are violated

 We encourage users to feel inclined to communicate violations as they come up. 

The BlackPlanet team reserves the right to determine when and how these agreements have been violated.

We will determine the processes to follow after the violation occurs. The methods include but are not limited to:

  • Notifying you of the breach and asking for it not to happen again  
  • Removing the content
  • Removing the content without warning 
  • Limiting your engagement on BlackPlanet 
  • Suspending your account for a particular amount of time

 We look forward to seeing you on BlackPlanet!

Report form

You can also report violating users or content via our abusive behavior reporting form, by selecting the Specific violent threats involving physical safety or well-being option.